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It is the philosophy of Children’s Advantage that all clients are to be treated with respect and dignity in regard to their unique cultural, racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds and influences.   All clients and their families have the right to be cared for in a manner that is sensitive to their special needs and circumstances and that promotes their personal choices and involvement in their treatment.   All treatment interventions, modalities and approaches are based on current scientific evidence and knowledge of best practices.

Agency services are available to any child and his/her family or guardian who meet the eligibility criteria for a particular service.  Services are individualized in order to meet the specific and unique needs of every child and his/her family.  Services are flexible to meet the changing needs and circumstances of the child and his/her family.

History of Agency

Founded in 1975, through the Psychology Department at Kent State University, Children’s Advantage is a private not-for-profit corporation that provides mental health and healthcare agency services to children and adolescents from birth to age 18 years and families.  The Mission of Children’s Advantage is to nurture the growth of children and families through quality service, community partnerships, and advocacy.  In alignment with the Mission are two primary goals: (1) to decrease problem behaviors by building on the strengths of the child/adolescent and his/her family; (2) to increase the level of functioning of the child/adolescent in his/her environment.

Annually, the Agency serves an average of 1800 children and adolescents.  The Agency staff works as a team to provide services that are coordinated within the agency and in collaboration with community agencies, organizations, courts, physicians, hospitals and schools so that the best interests of each child are being considered and met.  The collaboration process includes team meetings in the community to develop specific treatment plans and “buy- in” with all significant adults for consistent implementation.

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